INKURS Website

Introducing INKURS, a Joomla CMS-based website and a significant addition to my portfolio. INKURS represents an esteemed institute dedicated to culture and religion-sensitive education and counseling, offering invaluable professional insights and solutions in this multifaceted domain.

Mission of INKURS:

At INKURS, the mission is clear: to provide unwavering support and ensure the highest quality in training courses, seminars, educational programs, and professional development initiatives within the realm of intercultural learning. Their expertise extends to serving a diverse clientele, including individuals, communities, institutions, and various organizations.

Scientific Foundation:

What sets INKURS apart is its commitment to a well-founded scientific foundation. They continuously engage in research and study, ensuring that their education and counseling services are informed by the latest insights and methodologies in the field of intercultural learning. This dedication to scholarly rigor positions INKURS as a leader in its domain.

Practical Relevance:

However, INKURS understands that knowledge alone is not enough. In their extensive experience working with companies and organizations, they have discovered that the true impact of training lies in its practical relevance. They focus on bridging the gap between theory and application, ensuring that their clients benefit from real-world, actionable insights.

Tailored Solutions:

INKURS takes a personalized approach, creating individualized concepts to address diverse needs and challenges. Their expertise extends to the intercultural opening of organizations and administrations, and they offer not only advice and process support but also in-house training programs. This holistic approach is designed to empower clients and professionalize their work.

Logo Design:

The distinctive INKURS logo, which I created for the website, serves as a visual representation of their commitment to education and growth. A graduation hat atop a green circle symbolizes the achievement of knowledge, while the green circle itself contains the word “IN” in an outlined style, representing the first part of the word “INKURS.” The remaining part, “KURS,” is in vibrant orange, signifying enthusiasm and dynamism.

INKURS offers a comprehensive menu structure, providing visitors with easy access to various aspects of the institute:

  • TEAM: Learn more about the dedicated individuals behind INKURS.
  • SEMINARE: Explore a range of seminars categorized to meet specific needs, including those for hospitals, palliative care, community organizations, educators, parents, intercultural competence, and more.
  • WORKSHOPS: Dive into specialized workshops for educational professionals, seniors, organizations, and more.
  • PROJEKTE: Discover ongoing projects that showcase INKURS’ impact in the community.
  • REFERENZEN: Explore testimonials and references from satisfied clients.
  • TERMINE: Stay updated on upcoming events and training sessions.
  • GALLERIE: View a gallery of visual highlights from INKURS’ activities.
  • BLOG: Access insightful articles and resources.
  • KONTAKT: Connect with INKURS for inquiries and consultations.

LMS and User Features:

The INKURS website is equipped with a robust Learning Management System (LMS), complete with a secure login and registration system. This feature enhances user engagement by providing a personalized experience and access to exclusive content and courses.

As the developer and creator of the INKURS website, I take great pride in translating the institute’s vision into a digital platform that reflects their commitment to excellence. The website serves as a hub of information, resources, and opportunities for those seeking culture and religion-sensitive education and counseling. It showcases my ability to deliver user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing web solutions for organizations making a significant impact in their respective fields.

INKURS represents not just a website but a testament to my skills as a web developer and my passion for supporting institutions committed to positive change. Explore the INKURS website to discover the wealth of knowledge and expertise they offer in the realm of intercultural learning, education, and counseling.

INKURS is more than just a website; it’s a comprehensive digital platform that mirrors their commitment to excellence in intercultural education and counseling. Explore the website to delve into the world of culture-sensitive learning and witness the seamless integration of my web development expertise with INKURS’ vision for positive change.

Short Description

  • INKURS | Institut Für Kultur- & Religionssensible Bildung & Beratung - InKurs


  • 2017

INKURS is an institute for culture and religion-sensitive education and counseling and provides professional answers in this diverse area.

The institute pursues the support and assurance of the quality of training courses, seminars, education and other professional training and further education in the field of intercultural learning.

They educate and advise bodies, institutions, communities, individuals and various organizations.

As an intercultural training institute, they therefore work on a well-founded scientific basis.

At the same time, in their many years of work in companies and organizations, they have convinced themselves that only concrete practical relevance in training actually has an expanding effect.

Furthermore, they create individual concepts for different areas in order to professionalize your work. Intercultural opening of organizations and administrations - in addition to advice and process support, in-house training programs are also possible.